Lanyon & Le Compte also supplies precast and our factory has the ability to produce and store up to 150 units if required.

Production can be upwards of 5 units per day with no delays due to weather, as our beds are heated and covered. Our testing and quality assurance systems have proven that strengths of up 35 Mpa can be achieved.

Projects consisting of 900 units have been supplied on time in under 7 months - in today’s market this should not overlooked!

Commercial Construction Christchurch
Registered Master Builders
Registered Master Builders - Lanyon and Le Compte

We can offer a wide range of specialist concrete products including feature panels, acid washes, exposed finishes, sponged finish and coloured concrete.

Lanyon & Le Compte can take on any building project from low-level homes to high-rise apartment blocks. Including architectural homes to tilt up factories and warehouses, swimming pools, landscaping precast panels, fencing and retaining walls.

We have a proud history of serving the construction industry in Christchurch and our workmanship has and will continue to stand the test of time. So call Lanyon & Le Compte today.


Cocoon buildings provide new generation living and working environments. In an industry first, Cocoon combines speed of construction, strength, and design flexibility, with environmental responsibility and cost-effectiveness.

This fast, flexible way to build also gives you all the advantages of the high mass of concrete. Exceptional insulation keeps Cocoon buildings warm in winter and cool in summer, increasing comfort and lowering energy costs. At the same time, it ensures a quiet, healthy, secure space. The unique construction technique delivers quantifiable savings in every step of construction and produces a building that is robust and maintenance free. A wide range of finishes, and architectural possibilities, ensures that every preference and personal taste is catered for in design and aesthetics.

Cocoon is also 100% New Zealand made using totally locally-sourced products, for quality and to minimize its environmental footprint.

Cocoon Prefab Systems


  • Fast Construction

    A 250m2 single storey home can go from the start of construction to lock up in just 3 weeks.

  • They’re Solid, Warm, & Watertight

    Cocoon’s external walls are concrete, lined internally with fibreglass battens and plasterboard. (No "leaky homes" syndrome!)

  • Flexible Designs & Builds

    Make Cocoon a home builder’s and architect’s dream.

  • Superb Insulation

    Cocoon homes are very energy efficient. (For technical details, visit

  • Cost Efficient

    Cocoon homes are very cost efficient to build.

  • Painted or Plastered Finish

    There’s the option of a painted or plastered finish to suit personal preferences.

  • Recycled Materials

    Wherever possible, recycled materials are used in all Cocoon buildings.

  • New Zealand Made

    All Cocoon buildings are 100% New Zealand made.


The Lanyon and Le Compte Strapped R5.0 Insulation system consist of 6 components, GrayCol Top, Middle, and Bottom fiberglass thermally broken carrier channels, 100mm thick H grade Polystyrene Insulation, Specially formulated Bostik Safe Stud Adhesive, and standard 10mm Gib board. All Electrical and Plumbing services are installed in the 20mm cavity between the concrete precast wall an strapping system before installation. The Graycol bottom carrier channel is glued and nail fired at 600 centres to the floor slab, the first sheet of 100mm H grade polystyrene is then installed into this channel. The middle section rail is then installed onto the top of the bottom sheet of H grade polystyrene. Bostik Safe Stud adhesive is applied to the back of the rail, the rail is then fixed to the precast wall using 10mm nails fired at 600 centres.

If a window is present the H grade polystyrene is cut around the opening with any gap foam filled after installation. The GrayCol Top Channel is then fitted to the top of the H grade polystyrene top sheet and the sheet is lifted and inserted into the middle section rail. This sheet is then rotated into place until seated against the precast wall. The GrayCol Top Channel is then glued to the Concrete Precast Wall and top fixed to the ceiling battens using screws at 600 centres. In the case where any wall hung fittings are present the H grade polystyrene is routed out and a backing sheet of 18mm plywood is fixed. 10mm Gib board is then glued and screwed to the GrayCol Bottom, Middle, and Top fiberglass carrier channels as per Gib fixing instructions.